Saturday, April 23, 2011

April, 2011

Wow! It has been a long time since second grade has blogged and thought it was about time. We have had many exciting things going on in second grade we needed to share. Probably the most exciting thing that happened in our room this month was hatching eggs. We are the proud parents(?) of 7 little chicks! What an exciting time in our room to come in last Monday to find two little chicks running around in our incubator. The rest waited until we were there to share in their birth! They left on Thursday to join other little chicks at a nearby farm. Thank you to the Lecy's for sharing their eggs with us! Check out our website for MANY more pictures ( and click on the second grade link).

We have also set up our greenhouse --BUT it has been SOOOO cold we have not put our plants in it. Hopefully the weather will straighten up and our marigolds we planted will be outside enjoying the warm sunshine. We have also planted a few pumpkin seeds to transfer to our outside garden before school is out These are not just any ordinary pumpkin seeds... they are Big Max pumpkins, so we are hoping for a GREAT BIG PUMPKIN in the fall.

We also experimented with growing carrots from a carrot, not just a seed! Most of them grew cute little green leaves from the top of the carrot.

We continue with our Daily 5 in reading and working on our comprehension and fluency skills. In math, we have finished with measurement and are now moving on to place value and we will soon be adding and subtracting with 3 digit numbers and bigger! We are getting so smart!!!

One last exciting thing we wanted to share is our poetry. This is poetry month, and we have been reading and writing poems. On Friday, we are hosting a coffee shop in our room to share our poetry with family. We can't wait to put on our shades and berets, and share our poems like the "beatniks" in the New York City coffee shops. We are hoping many family members will share during our open mic time.

Thanks for visiting our blog and sharing all our exciting news!

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