Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week of November 7th, 2011

This might have been a short week because of the football game at the Dome, but it was a busy one!  We have really had a good time seeing all our "disguised' turkeys that have arrived back in the classroom.  You will notice that we even have one dressed up as a Murray Mustang football player - wonder if he went to the dome with the boys?  We also had a hula turkey, a turkey disguised as a macaw, and many other fun disguises (stop in and take a look!).

We also had a wonderful Veteran's Day program presented by the high school Honor Society.  Zoe was very proud her dad was a veteran. 

 In social Studies, we have been learning about our neighborhood, state, country, and continent.  After reading Me on the Map, we made our own Me's on the map and made booklets about how we fit in this world. 
In reading, we continue to work with lots of different people on our comprehension and phonics skills so we can become better readers.  In math, we have finished up our review of addition and subtraction, and are working on data and graphing. During the next week, we will be studying the pilgrims and how things "used" to be!  We will finish up with our traditional Thanksgiving feast with the First Graders.  We can't wait!