Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week of September 12th and 19th

Wow! The last two weeks have just flown by!  We have had homecoming, BRI testing (our reading test) and our MAP testing (the computerized testing we began last year). Whew!  We are glad that is all done, and now we can get down to the business of looking at those scores and deciding where to go with our instruction.

We are getting into the swing of Daily 5 and doing a great job of it!.  We know that you don't get better are reading and writing unless you read and write --and of course, build our stamina in those areas.  We have also been doing our research for our heritage unit and have looked in books and online.  Our reports should be done and ready to show off at our tasting festival on Friday (at 1:00).  Hope you can come. We can't wait to share what we have learned.  Don't forget to send Mrs. Miller those recipes so we can get them in a cookbook!

In math, we are working on addition and subtraction facts, and math fact families.  We are getting the hang of them, and they will come in handy as we move on in math skills. We also have our classroom bank and store this week. We are learning a lot about checks, credits, debits, and SHOPPING!  It is 21st century skill building at its best!

 Besides homecoming, we did manage to have a little fun. We had a "camp out" in our room Friday, complete with smores and sleeping bags!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Week of August 29

Just wanted to wish all my second graders a good day off today! Well, we have completed our second week, and we are getting into our routine of school. We have begun all our academic areas, and we are doing a super job in our daily 5 practice. Our stamina is built up to 10 minutes in read to self, and we will begin practicing word work this week. We should have all our daily five activities up and going in another couple weeks.
We have been reading Kevin Henkes books for our author study. In Chrysanthemum, we discussed how one person can either make a person feel bad and "wilt," or how one person can make someone feel loved and accepted----and how we can be that one person.

We also read The Golden Rule and learned that this rule is followed and practiced all over the world----TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED. What an easy way to make a decision...would I want someone to do that to me?
This is going to be a great year, and I look forward to all the learning that will be going on in second grade!