Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week of March 7th

We have a had a very busy two weeks. We have been busy counting money in math and now we are practicing telling time. In reading groups, we continue to work on our comprehension skills, and we are now doing research on farm animals. We even made "mini hamburgers" and traced them back from their journey on the hamburger to the farm.

Last week, we enjoyed "partying" for Dr. Seuss' birthday with the first graders. We had Cat in the Hat cake and watched Horton Hears a Who.

In science, we have studied plant parts and can now find the embryo in a seed. We know what it takes to grow a plant and can't wait to get our greenhouse out after spring break. We will also start incubating chicken eggs shortly after we return.

One of our highlights this week was a visit from Joel, the Warren County Naturalist. We talked about reptiles, and he brought his snakes for us to see and feel. Snakes are really cool animals, and we all were brave and touched at least one of the snakes.

We finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory this week and celebrated by watching the movie (the first one) and, of course, eating chocolate. We really liked finding all the similarities and differences between the movie and the book.

Spring is on the way, and we are excited about what it holds for us in Second Grade!

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