Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our weeks just keep flying by! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. As usual we had a very busy week. We finished up our unit about data and graphs this week and will begin to learn how to regroup when we add very soon. In reading, we are studying about communities; rural, urban and suburban communities. We decided we are definitely a rural area. We began our year long project of composting this week. We put red worms in our compost container and began feeding them. Their first meal was old lettuce and cabbage. We can't wait to use their castings for our greenhouse plants next spring.
We were so glad to be invited to the gym by the high schoolers as they honored our veterans this week. We are so thankful for what they have done for our country.
We also had a cooking project this week. After reading Thundercake Patricia Polacco we made our own (it was even a rainy day when we made it - although we didn't have any thunder). It had a secret ingredient in it (tomatoes) that made it look a little gross when we were making it , but it turned into a nice chocolate cake when we were done. MOST of us really liked it.
We do want to get a "shout out" to our epals in Australia. We have enjoyed getting our emails and look forward to corresponding throughout the year. We hope our blog will let you get to know us just a little bit more.

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