Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Vacation

Our vacation time is almost over, and things will be back to the "old grind" soon in second grade. Teachers will begin with professional development on Monday, with students beginning again on Tuesday. In math, we will begin regrouping with subtraction. Many of us have mastered our addition facts and are now practicing our subtraction facts. Keep practicing those at home!
Even though we had a short week the week before Christmas, we did have great fun with a science inquiry lesson. After reading the book Sheep in a Jeep, students were given a jeep, a sheep, and books to create a way to make their jeep go the furthest without loosing their sheep- and without using the force of their arms and hands! We had some wonderful ideas and experiments, and the students did a wonderful job making adjustments after their trial run. They learned a lot about force, gravity and friction during our inquiry. We will be doing another one very soon. We will be making boats that will carry pennies across a "lake." We need "junk" for this - anything that the kids could make a boat from that will hold a "cargo" of pennies. We also are in need of cereal boxes for another science project. We need one box for every student.

We wanted to take a moment to thank all the donations we have had so far this year; of time, materials for our projects, parties, and our store. We could not do these things without you! We look forward to starting the new year and a wonderful second half of second grade.

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